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“Delivering honest expectations, clear understanding of the program process, and helping guide customers with best practice recommendations has been critical to my successful sales career”

Justin Young

Vice President of Sales

My wife Ashley and I are high school sweethearts and have been best friends since 2002. We have two beautiful children that are both goofy and strong-willed like their mother. When not working I like to hang out with my friends, visit craft breweries, work out, go boating, and play slow-pitch softball. I became the first college graduate in my family by earning a bachelor's degree in finance. I have had many roles within the signage industry including Project Manager, Field Manager, and Account Manager.

Business is Personal

I work hard to maintain an outstanding level of service and am always searching for ways to better satisfy my clients.

I have worked my way through numerous positions within the industry. The old saying, “don’t take it personal, it’s just business” is not how I operate. I take all of my customers and my job very personally. When working with me you will get a sincere and honest sales professional that is looking to help collaboratively reach a common goal.

I like to be known as “the reliable one” because I will drop whatever I am doing to help others. I also want all of my customers to trust me and allow me to assist them in furthering their branding goals. I helped coin the phrase “On-Time, On-Brand, and On-Budget” because I understand trust is built through these three key functions. I have become a reliable resource through using my strong work ethic and out-of-the-box thinking to advocate for both my clients and my company.

Expanding Our Reach

I have a strong background in making changes for the better here at Dualite through the many roles I have filled.

My past roles included; project manager, account manager, and field manager. In those roles I was personally responsible for overseeing and managing millions of dollars in projects. With a strong professional background in signage & lighting maintenance I was able to help further develop Dualite’s suite of offerings by creating a more robust maintenance experience for current and future customers. Since coming to Dualite we have increased our maintenance client list and expanded our footprint in the maintenance industry.

As a Regional Sales Manager my main job responsibilities are to educate national, regional, and local companies about the need for brand implementation through cost effective lighting solutions. In addition to seeking future client relationships, I also focus a lot of my time on maintaining and growing my existing client base by providing them new cost saving ideas, introducing them to the newest industry technologies, and tweaking our internal program management structure to further enhance the communication and program management experience for our customers.

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