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Dualite is a vertically integrated company. From production all the way to delivery, Dualite controls the entire process.

Dualite can do all types of upgrades and retrofits to energy-efficient LED lighting. We are experts in LED technology and do considerable research and development and testing of all lighting and lighting technologies available.

If Dualite does not install the LED signs it manufactures, we will guarantee the Power Supplies and LED Modules against defective materials or workmanship for sixty (60) days from shipping date provided the sign has been installed by a qualified, licensed sign installer and in total compliance with The National Electrical Code and all local codes. During this period Dualite will replace or repair any defective parts only as defined in the Foreword to this Warranty. Power Supplies and LED Modules will carry an additional fifty eight (58) months parts only warranty. If Dualite ships and arranges for installation of LED signs it manufactures, we will guarantee the Power Supplies and LED Modules against defective materials or workmanship for ninety (90) days after installation. During this period Dualite will replace or repair any defective parts only as defined in the Forward to this Warranty. Power Supplies and LED Modules will carry an additional fifty seven (57) months parts only warranty

The requirement for obtaining sign permits is determined by your local governmental jurisdiction, and the current zoning and code requirements of your specific property where the sign will be installed.

Dualite proudly guarantees its product for a minimum of 1 year for failure and defects.

We offer a range of electronic message center products in various sizes, configurations, and resolutions.

Contact sales@dualite.com and provide details of the type of sign or sign project you wish to have quoted. It is helpful to attach a few photos of the property, as well as some details including: property owner contact information; business name; business owner contact information; approximate date you wish to receive your signs or desire completion of installation; brief description of the scope of project you wish to have quoted including the type of signs want; your approximate budget if you know it.

To get a permit for your sign, speak with a representative from Dualite’s project management team. Their detailed expertise will make the permitting process as easy as possible for any customer.

Dualite’s project management team is full of personnel who have an understanding of city codes all across the United States. City code is a very important part of the installation process, therefore Dualite only hires subcontractors who have a clear understanding of the requirements for each sign.

Typical permitting application processing is 2-4 weeks in most areas. However, certain regions, municipalities, and larger cities often have a long, extensive permit-processing timeline that involves multiple meetings and hearing. While cases like these can be time consuming, expensive, and frustrating, they are required and Dualite works diligently to keep administrative costs as low as possible for customers.

Dualite has been in business since 1947.

Dualite’s manufacturing facility is located near Cincinnati, which is a prime location to ship anywhere in the United States. Customers can expect their sign within two days after shipment.

Dualite guarantees sign faces will last anywhere from three to eight years (depending on the type of face).

Dualite can build a sign specifically tailored to any business. The customer’s desired sign will be delivered, beginning with a design team that will work with the customer to manufacture the perfect sign for their business.

Customization can drive up costs for any project. However, Dualite's experienced account managers are extremely skilled at project management, scope development, and defining customer requirements. All of these factors combined allow Dualite to offer highly customized solutions at a value for customers when the need arises.

Environmental Stewardship Policy

In 2022 Dualite Sales & Service,Inc. received a EcoVadis Sustainability Bronze Medal, which puts us in the top 50% of companies assessed. EcoVadis is a globally recognized assessment platform that rates businesses' sustainability based on four key categories: environmental impact, labor, and. human rights standards, ethics, and procurement practices.

Dualite is committed to responsible stewardship of the environment and is constantly seeking to conserve our environments resources using new technology or recycling of scrap material.  Some of the procedures we have put into place to ensure that we are good stewards of the earths resources are as follows:

  • Health, Environment & Safety Policy which includes a PCB free environment, low VOC paints, state of the art air exchange systems which meet EPA standards, etc.
  • Waste Reduction Policy which covers Dualite’s commitment to protecting the environment which includes recycling approximately 100% of scrap metal and wood, 99% of scrap plastic, the use of retrofit recycling for fluorescent tubes, etc.
  • All rags are cleaned and handled according to EPA standards.
  • Scrap paper is shredded and used as packing material.
  • Dualite maintains strict written policies with our subcontracted installers on the handling and disposal of any hazardous materials at an installation site. Our subcontracted installers are directed to comply with all local environmental codes.

In addition to Dualite’s own commitment to stewardship in the processes we use at our facilities and in the installation of our signs as handled by our Project Management Department, we offer the options listed below in the manufacturing process to provide our customers with options in the manufacturing process that are environmentally favorable.

  • Electronic Ballasts vs. Magnetic Ballasts which reduce power consumption by 40%.
  • Timers or photocells are offered which limit power consumption to specific times instead of 24/7.
  • Interior surfaces painted white to reflect light using less bulbs or tubes to illuminate the sign.
  • Dualite offers alternative lighting sources, for example, the use of LED’s instead of fluorescent tubes or neon to illuminate signs.
  • Polycarbonate material for sign faces which is virtually indestructible and greatly limits the need for replacement.
  • Screen printing is offered for volume or quantity programs which greatly reduce the amount of material needed for decorating faces vs. vinyl film decoration.

We can perform all levels of service and repairs, no matter who installed or built your sign.

Preferred payment terms are Net 30 days from shipment with approved credit.

Dualite offers warranties on various products, ranging from illuminated sign housings to different types of sign faces and installations. The warranty periods and terms vary based on the product and installation method. Some exclusions apply, such as damages from natural disasters, vandalism, or acts of God. For detailed warranty terms and conditions, please contact our dedicated team at services@dualite.com.

For warranty related calls only:
(800) 543-7271

Dualite's business hours are Monday-Friday 8:15-5:00 EST.

Dualite ships and services signage all across the United States.

Our lead time for standard product configurations is 3 weeks from date of approval from the customer. Non-standard and custom items sometimes require 4-8 weeks lead time to ship due to complexities involving design and engineering, approvals with customers/landlords, and the permit application process.

Dualite provides every customer with full site evaluation and survey, permits for code compliance, and code assured installations. After your sign has been installed, Dualite will also provide on call or scheduled maintenance.

Dualite manufactures and sells all styles and configurations of illuminated and non-illuminated signage including digital signs, wall signs, hi-rise pylon signs, pole signs, monument signs, channel letters, plate letters, interior signs, and awnings.

For any sign outage, upgrade, or repair, please contact service@dualite.com to start the process. Our skilled service team will have your sign operating at 100% in no time.

Signs are the best way to capture a wide audience, and they provide an image for your business. The image that represents your business will serve as a way for consumers to recognize your brand, and having a sign that stands out in the eye of individuals is key to the success of a business.

Dualite will ensure that your sign is installed on time and within budget, while also being code compliant. Only the best subcontractors will be hired to complete your installation.