Our Approach

Environment and Sustainability

Going green is serious business at Dualite with a strong commitment to reduce the carbon footprint, reuse materials, conserve energy and save vital natural resources.  We have implemented this commitment in our Operations, Products and our Customer Partner relationships.

Operations and Products:

• Use of High Quality Low VOC Paints and
   Premium Powder Coat Systems

• LED and other new Lighting Technologies which
   save energy and eliminate contaminants.

• Standardize use of light enhancement interior paints reducing the lumens to effectively
   illuminate sign cabinet

• Convert to electronic ballasts to reduce energy costs required to power a sign up to 58%.

• Manufacturing aimed at reducing costly service by producing long lasting quality products.

• Recycle and reuse programs virtually eliminating waste by-products in our facilities.

Customer Partnerships

We have forged strong relationships with customers committed to operating with an emphasis to long term efficiencies. These collaborations have resulted in valuable insight into providing all our customers with the best balance of quality, sustainability and return on investment.





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